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our story

In today's fast-paced world, times are rapidly changing. Asians are slowly developing their personal preference in terms of lifestyle choices and taste. With the appreciation of wine now apparent in so many cultures, it is being regarded as far more than just a beverage, but as a symbol of a lifestyle well spent.

K Wine's aim stems from the desire to bring the most refined taste to Asians. Fueled by the need to possess absolute control over each product, we've ventured into investments and established partnerships with wineries from various places, for the purpose of producing an ideal taste with the most superior quality.

With your best interest at heart, special attention is centered on expanding our inventory to cater to more varieties. While most of our products hail from Australia, a special collection all the way from France will allow you a taste of European sophistication.

Our Wine

Spoilt for choice? Browse through our labels and slowly discover your preferred choice of wine.

K Bordeaux
CEO Elegant
CEO Reserve
K Label
K Label
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